How to Choose the Best Kids Drum Set

xWhen it comes to your kids, you would want to make sure that they would have the best. That is why if you are planning to give the best kids drum set there are things you have to know so that then you are in the store you wouldn’t lose your way or get confused in which one you should choose because you would already know which one you want to have. With this knowledge you are guaranteeing an investment for your children because learning an instrument can be a good thing especially when it comes to college.

You have to make sure that the stands for the instrument are durable because you might be playing till your heart’s content and didn’t notice that the instrument is about to fall because the stand isn’t strong enough to carry them. That is why a good stand is a must to have the best kids drum set. Another thing would be the material used because when it comes to the material of the cymbals, you would have to make sure that they are in excellent quality because you would be banging them when you play the instrument, so quality is a must.

Besides the cymbal, even the type of material from the surface of your drums is important because the drum set is a percussion instrument which would mean that to allow it to have a sound you would have to put a bit of force to it. The more force that you give might be a disaster so make sure that the quality of the surface of the drums is good. You should also make sure that when you are planning to buy one or searching for the best one, you will test play it so that you will know if it will sound good or not.

The sound of the instrument will say something about it because if it sounds not right, then there is something wrong. When you check of the pedal of the drum set you have to check what quality material is used because maybe after a few try it will get broken easily. Try to check the movement of the pedal and the hi-hat cymbals because if you press them and they tend not to go smoothly then it will be a problem that is why you should choose those that can move immediately when you press them.

By knowing all of this and applying it, this would make you happy because you now know how to choose your kid’s drum set properly and so that when you are planning to buy one, you would have your money’s worth. This would even ensure that your kid’s energetic ways wouldn’t easily hurt or harm the instrument because it is the best, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the things that it needs. That is why even if it is the best you should still take care of it because when you do, then it will give you an amazing service.

How Drum Sets For Toddlers Engage Them Happily

Living with a toddler can often be exciting, exhausting and emotional and sometimes all at the same time like a roller-coaster experience. Every toddler is of course different but if yours is particularly active and spirited, then you have a superfluous sprit of challenge. He/she needs different types of playing kits and of course different methods. Some may like only puzzles, some like indoor game activities, some like outdoor games, some like reading books/stories, some like singing and some may want to play music even.

It is quite difficult to find out the kid on what he/she is interested with initially. Hence play toys are there of different sets as above said, where they are of quite affordable and keep your kids engaged too. In order while playing, the parent can identify on what they like. Kid drum set is one among such wonderful & playful toy keeping kids joy by music, and lights. Appending below are few discussions that how to handle the kids in order to help him/her grow a good child.

Time to play

Give them more time to play with their lovable toys. Allow them to play as if they were the captain. Leaving kid to play with peer & age mates will help those developing social behaviours and good habits. But watching an eye on them is much important. Get them different set of playing kits, for instance you can see best kid drum sets for sale 2017 when you cross the bazaar road, just grab one and surprise them with such an awesome toy.

Praise good behaviour

When your toddler gets praise and attention for the good things he does, he is less likely to do the naughty things especially if you manage to ignore them and be sure on not to punish for bad behaviour, instead never mind them. He/she will forget such naughty things sooner a while even.

Label positively

Always use positive labels when discussing your toddler with others and they will see him in a positive light too! Focusing on your child’s positive traits will change how you think and how your toddler behaves.


REMO RT000800 8-Inch Practice Drum Pad – Product Review

Great Pad from Fellow Drummer

Remo is a leader in many drum aftermarket products. They make drum heads, practice pads, other like accessories, and percussion instruments. They make excellent products, too. I have both a practice pad and drum heads made by them. Remo Pinstripes are drum heads with perfect sound quality, and are exponentially better than the heads that came standard with my drums, which seemed to be simply pieces of plastic. In other words, Remo makes quality products that make drummers happy to hear how beautifully they can play.

Remo Practice Pad Cons

Practice pads are necessary elements for every drummer. In order to be good at all, you should practice every single day. About half of your time should be spent of the actual drum set, with the other half on the practice pad. I bought this particular practice pad more for economical reasons than the fact that it was the exact pad I wanted. No matter what, I would have gone with a Remo pad simply because they’re the best, and I don’t think quality should be given up ever. The REMO RT000800 8-Inch Practice Drum Pad is a bit smaller than I would have liked. Eight inches is not the easiest target ever, but I believe this actually teaches me more accuracy in my strikes. Also, this pad is not meant for rim hits. The rim is simply made of plastic piece that extends vertically like a wall. It will deteriorate very quickly if you perform very many rim shots. In addition, practice pads are made to be soft, absorbent material so that it makes almost no noise, but yet this pad makes enough noise to be heard fairly easily.

Remo Practice Pad Pros

On the other hand, this is still the only practice pad I have ever had. I have beaten this pad to death, but it still continues to work just as if it was new. The rim has begun to deteriorate and looks scratched, but that is due partly from me missing the center on occasion and partly because I have done rim shots in spite of my knowledge that I shouldn’t. It has served me very well as I have practiced for hours on this particular pad. It is perfect for beginners, and it teaches rhythm and correct grip very well. If you hold the sticks right they should be bouncing a fair amount after each strike. It works very well, and if you don’t hit the pad too hard, you shouldn’t make an excessive amount of noise. The point is, even though it’s a bit small and not great for rim shots, this pad is the perfect starter for drummers to become more familiar with playing correctly for a very cheap price.

Ringo’s Golden Drum Makes a Starring Appearance at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Public Relations Moment in Ringo Starr and Beatles History is on Display at the Famed Museum

From Renoir to Rembrandt… to Ringo?

A visit to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue certainly offers a showcase of historic masterpieces that can be called star-studded.

But until December, there’s only one historic Starr.

Ringo Starr’s golden drum is on display. Housed in a room filled with historic musical instruments, many going back hundreds of years and more, is one instrument that is drawing museum visitors away from their Matisse, Picasso’s and other masters.

It’s actually a publicity/public relations success that is paying dividends decades after the story first broke.

Following a 1964 appearance by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan TV Show, the Fab Four – including the group’s superstar drummer-were presented with a gold plated snare drum by the Ludwig Drum Company, in appreciation for the Beatles and to Ringo Starr in particular for popularizing the drum brand.

A public relations photograph on display alongside the infamous drum at the Met shows a beaming Ringo holding the drum prouldy presented to him by the head of Ludwig, William Ludwig. Also appearing in the press photo are the rest of the Fab Four including George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon as well as the Ludwig president’s daughter Brooke and R.L. Schory, the company’s director of marketing. The ceremony was conducted in Chicago as the Beatles were on tour after their Sullivan TV appearance.

This year, in celebration of Ringo Starr’s 70th birthday, Ringo gave his permission for the Metropolitan Museum to display the famous golden drum through the end of the year.

Visitors are flocking to a quiet corner of the Met’s musical instrument room–the same room where historic pianos and violins can be admired–and are standing in appreciation, remembering and no doubt reliving a moment of their own personal Beatles memory.

A Met museum guard permits pictures as individuals and families stare, and share stories about the musical sensations that captivated the world.

Perhaps partially thanks to Ringo Starr, the Ludwig Drum Company is still beating… and still benefiting forty-six years after one smart public relations/publicity marketing presentation.

So while you’re visiting some Picasso’s, Renoir’s and Rembrandt’s at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue and 83rd Street, you definitely won’t want to miss seeing a Ringo.

Review: Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum

Review: Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum

My daughter got this drum from her birthday party. It’s one of her favorite toys and she has hundreds of toys. The drum is very clear and loud. You can turn down the volume to different levels. As you hit the drum it responds back with songs or words. I would rate this product a 10 out of 10. The drum has occupied my daughter for hours on end. It can be purchased from Toys R Us for $19.99. Overall, I think the price fits the product very well. There are plenty of drums available- but if you cannot find one I would purchase one online. Babies love music and the drum plays music.

The drum teaches communication. Kids can clap along with the drum and beat on the drum to hear the letters of the alphabet. The drum also shows pictures of a stick figure dancing and he chases poses every time you beat on the drum. It will also play music along with the beat of your drum. There are many different options to choose from and the item is very durable. My daughter is very hard on her toys and this toy still looks like new after 4 months. I believe you could drop it from the roof and the toy would still work just fine. For durability I rate the drum a 10.

The Learn and Groove drum also plays music and talks in spanish as well as english. The earlier you start to learn a language the better, so they are introducing new languages to small children. The words are spoken clearly and it’s quite entertaining. It lights up very bright in the dark and serves as a light show for children. The drum is somewhat heavy for smaller children but my daughter lifts it up just fine. It stands up and does not tip over. This is one of the only toys my daughter has actually played with. She has a lot of fun with it and I believe all other children will too.

The drum also encourages movement and plays songs to encourage this. There’s one song which is a roll along song. The drum can be rolled on its side quite easily. The alphabet also encourages movement because as you hit the letters they change. The drum lights up no matter what you do. This drum is perfect for children from 6 months to 3 years of age. It’s a great toy and very popular at Toys R Us.

Listening to the Drum Beats of Business

The Changing Nature of Business in the 21st Century

In my most recent article, I discussed today’s changing business environment for small businesses and de-evolution of the concept of business as property. There is little room for businesspeople that don’t care about customer satisfaction, ignore and disrespect their employees, or blur the lines of ethical behavior in the name of plausible deniability. The 21st century is seeing the birth of business as a membership; a membership in the local business community and the world market.

The idea of business as a membership in the community is not something new and was formalized in the 1960’s by Kenneth Arrow. The “Contract Theory” tries to address the idea that business is performed by individuals, and often times, their agents. Transactions are completed with multiple levels of players, all with their own individual goals, biases and agendas. These stakeholders all have an interest in the individuals business and in one way or another directly influence the running of that business.

Economic theories are fine for the classroom but they do little to guide real life. In day-to-day business transactions, every business touches dozens, maybe hundreds of other businesses and individuals every day. A vendor’s ability to deliver as promised or to meet price quotes is critical to the profitability your business. If vendors slow down, or produce a faulty product, your business will be directly impacted. If a primary vendor wants a price break or you will loose their business, you will in all likelihood grant that price break. So, who is in control of your business?

The key to success is to listen to the drum beats of business. In this diverse community of profit seekers, individual business people see the world from their own unique perspectives. If you are going to do business with other companies and individuals it may be important to determine what, if any, business philosophy they practice.

Business as property: This dying concept of business hangs on tough. People who believe that their business is their property and can to with their property as they please often have difficulty maintaining networks and relationships with people who think otherwise. This traditionally American method of doing business tends to be hard core with distinct lines of right and wrong; ‘I am right when I make money, you are wrong if you prevent it’. This attitude doesn’t work well with social entrepreneurships that see their business ventures as something to help the community as a whole. Nor will it work well with people who do not see competition as a cut throat business but try to make sure everyone makes a living. The idea that business is a game, with winners and losers, is something that a business as property owner would support. People who see business as a way to strengthen the whole community view the business as property philosophy as essentially the practice of greed in the name of the “American Way”.

Business as a membership in the community: This “contract theory” idea directly contradicts the business as property concepts. Membership in the community requires stronger networking and ties with your neighbors. Membership requires that you look out for the other guy and, at the same time, not be taken advantage of by unethical business practices. A membership oriented businessperson may very well see the business as property owner as focused more on making short term profits than they are at building stable relationships for the long term. Business as property owners see the community minded as weak and non-competitive, easy marks for more assertive business practices (i.e. ruthlessness).

Business from a laborers point of view: The truth is that business is not conducted solely by the business owner’s themselves, but by their staff and employees. Individual employees, whether they are salaried or hourly, are there to earn a paycheck. Do they have the same motivations as the owner of the business? While owners do set the character of the business, are the motivations of an individual working to pay rent the same as an owner is trying to adjust their depreciation schedules?

No, from a laborers point of view, business is about self respect, camaraderie with fellow employees, and “doing what needs to be done.” Regardless of the business philosophy of an owner, real business is conducted in the streets, not in the board rooms. Failing to recognize that each person comes with their own personal motivations that are fundamentally different from a business owner is huge hindrance in business. I learned early on that if you are going to get anywhere in business, make friends with the clerks and secretaries because that is where the actual work takes place. Treating people like wage slaves is a death sentence for any business.

In the 21st century we are going to have to conduct business is a different way. The old American dream of working at one job your entire life, saving money, buying a house with a white picket fence and having sufficient retirement funds to travel the world is dead, dead, dead. The new dream will be based on what is best for the community we live in and the people, around the world, that depend on our individual integrity. Success may even evolve from a word synonymous with wealth to one that sounds more like happiness. Well, I can dream, can’t I?